Growing older is not without a few aches and pains. At OU Medical Center Edmond, we understand that sometimes you need a little extra TLC. That is why we developed our comprehensive Senior Health Clinic with you in mind.

At the Senior Health Clinic, our experienced senior health team, led by Larry D. Balzer, M.D., will coordinate and manage your care should you need to see a local specialist or require extra help at home.

OU Medical Center Edmond offers several specialty services with seniors in mind, including:

Autumn Life Center for Geriatric Behavioral Health

The Autumn Life Center is an inpatient unit that assesses the mental health of adults 60 and older. Most patients stay an average of 10 days as our staff assesses the person and puts together a care plan. This is not an assisted living unit. Autumn Life Center admits adults for a variety of mental health issues, and anyone can call and ask for an assessment for themselves or a loved one. Our highly trained staff will assess the patient, and if inpatient care is needed, will admit to the unit. For more information, please call (405) 359-5253.

Edmond Hyperbaric/Wound Care

Edmond Hyperbaric/Wound Care specializes in healing chronic, complex wounds. Our physician, Dr. Gregory Morgan, and his staff are specially trained in wound management and take an individualized approach tailored to each patient’s needs. Our team uses the most advanced technology available to help hear your wound. Patients should call (405) 359-5477 for more information.

Advanced Orthopedic Procedures

OU Medical Center Edmond’s team of orthopedic specialists offer advanced treatment for complex bone and joint problems. Our experienced surgeons perform a variety of innovative care options designed to get you back to your normal routine quickly. Our physicians are among the first in the region to practice new procedures such as posterior hip replacements. We specialize in joint replacements, trauma repair, limb reconstruction, and hand surgery. Please call (405) 844-5700 for a full listing of our orthopedic surgeons.

Foot and Ankle Specialists

Our foot and ankle surgeons specialize in surgical procedures designed to get you up and moving. They are among the first in the state to offer ankle replacement surgery. The team also provides tendon and ligament repair, advanced deformity correction, and diabetic foot repair. Please call (405) 844-5700 for more information about our foot and ankle surgeons.

Edmond Physical Therapy

Edmond Physical Therapy is the area’s premier outpatient physical therapy clinic and offers a complete range of physical therapy services to patients of all ages. The clinic accepts referrals from any physician and is on most insurance plans.  All patient care is provided by licensed physical therapists to insure our patients always receive the expertise and skilled care they deserve.  Patient education and personalized home exercise programs are incorporated into every treatment session. For more information, please call (405) 340-2019.

Occupational and Speech Therapy

OU Medical Center Edmond offers both occupational and speech therapy on an outpatient basis. Our experienced therapists will work with you one-on-one to make sure you are progressing in your recovery. Please call (405) 359-5361.

Respiratory Therapy

Our Respiratory Therapists offer breathing treatments on an outpatient basis in our hospital. Please call (405) 359-5585 for more information.

24/7 Emergency Services

Accidents happen, and it is good to know that the staff at OU Medical Center Edmond’s emergency department is available at all times. With some of the fastest door-to-doctor wait times, a caring emergency staff, and private patient rooms, our ER is known for being friendly and efficient.

Advanced Robotic Surgery

OU Medical Center Edmond utilizes the daVinci robotic system to provide patients advanced urology and gynecology surgery options. Using the daVinci allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Patients who have undergone robotic surgery report less pain, quicker recovery times, and less scarring.

Community Classes

Growing older with grace requires class. OU Medical Center Edmond offers a variety of health and wellness classes throughout the year. For more information, please contact Community Relations Director, Leslie Buford, at